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Although main executable file that provides functionality of the server is about 1 Mb (don’t confuse with setup file size), file server is not simple software. During the work on Remote Files Server Edition we formulated some requirements that file server software should meet.

Easy integration to existing network.
High output and fault tolerance.
Wide opportunities to control access to resources.
Ability to monitor and control server.
Easy access for users without additional software on their computers installed.

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In process of Remote Files SE progress, SMRKsoft company spent a lot of time to make the product, that maximum meets the requirements, mentioned above.

High stability. Anyone will agree, that corporate file server should be stable enough to process at least all everyday requests without reloading. It is evident that simple tests in browser are not sufficient to check fault tolerance. We needed other means. And we made test program that performed usual user operations: login, get directory listing, download a file, upload a file and logout. This test program can create a connection, execute one cycle (login, listing, download, upload, logout), disconnect, and repeat from the beginning. One test program can simultaneously execute several cycles, and no one prohibits running several test programs at one time on one or some PCs. We tested Remote Files SE in such conditions. It performed many simultaneous requests per time. By the release time, we had a server that could work after 1 million cycles without reloading and continued working until we stopped it. In everyday work it means that you should not get negative responses from users that they can not connect, and should not loose time and money while server is down.

High output. File server should be as quick as possible. It’s a dogma. But the most common way of increasing output of any server is by purchasing the quickest hardware. Although we consider that this way usually helps, we also have other means. For a rather long time SMRKsoft is specialized in developing fastest algorithms for both client and server software. They were based on minimization of operations with data. In Remote Files SE we don’t copy data between procedures, we don’t store files, that are uploading, in memory (the program saves them directly to disk), we don’t read a file from disk before downloading (we use read buffer – send buffer operations). No unnecessary or repeated manipulations with data. The side effect of these is that the program can quickly operate with large files (even larger than 4 GB). It has no 4 GB limit in both directions – download and upload, although some browsers, especially rather old, have. Also, we don’t use so popular objects (with different level of nesting) that waste memory and processor time but simplify product development. Remote Files SE does minimum necessary operations (not to the prejudice of security) and this may help you to save money on upgrading server hardware or even saving them all if to install Remote Files SE on any PC (for slightly loaded file servers).

Security. Using programs of such kind is a bit risk, because you make some of your folders/files available from the Internet. Therefore, it is possible for someone to get illegal access to them. Of course, this possibility depends on software and algorithms it uses. At first, Remote Files SE does not have a bug that some other software products have. It does not keep user passwords in plain text. Moreover, the program does not keep text passwords at all, replacing them by MD5 hash. This is the most secure method, for example, Microsoft uses it in its Windows. Remote Files SE uses MD5 and, even more, whole file with the program configuration and user accounts is encrypted with a key specific to PC. Therefore, server administrator may not worry about loosing this file. Even if someone somehow gets it (that would be difficult because the program blocks any remote access to it through server web interface), he could not read it and therefore harm your server.

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