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Remote Files Server Edition 3.0

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Remote Files Server Edition is special Windows software that helps to organize simultaneous access to shared files on a server computer from different computers in your local network and from the Internet. It gives you the following advantages.

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Some benefits of using Remote Files Server Edition:

1. It saves your money. It runs well on both server and non-server operating systems from Microsoft. It is independent to limit of connections (10 per time) that non-server systems have. Remote Files SE ($299) can help saving about $800 on difference between 2008 Server and Vista prices.
2. Remote Files SE creates easy-to-use web server on the server computer. All operations are performed in usual for online services manner: login, remote file operations, logout. Each supported command has corresponding icon and/or hyperlink and is easy to find.
3. Files can be accessed from the Internet (if necessary). Network administrator should perform one easy action to open access from any computer in the Internet.
4. One installed copy of Remote Files SE can serve unlimited number of user accounts with configurable rights. One person (or group of people) can have access to numerous folders on different drives. Possible rights can vary from full access (download, upload, delete, copy/move files on server) to no access to files (just viewing directory listing). So, one copy of this software can grant access to administrators, employees, sales persons and clients.
5. The software has remote administration feature. Administrator (being, for example, out of office) can remotely manage Remote Files SE from any web browser.
6. You can change online interface to correspond to your company standards. For example, you can replace SMRKsoft logo by your logo. This may be useful to embed online interface of the software into your order process, thus giving an ability to upload clients’ files to the server to complete the order.
7. Remote Files SE can continuously test its state and restart itself in any troubles. It restarts in time and “gently” (no connected users are logout).
8. Free future updates. Purchasing Remote Files SE entitles you to get all future releases (including major versions) for free.

Remote Files Server Edition has many advantages in comparison with other ways of sharing computer files:

1. Windows sharing
At first, as it was mentioned above, Remote Files SE does not have limit of simultaneous connections that non-server operating systems have. So, you can save about $800 on difference in prices.
You can share files online. Remote Files SE can be embedded into your online interface. Thus, it may be useful if a client must submit some files to your server to complete the order. For example, in microelectronics it can be data for printed circuit board or controller production in format of one of prevalent CAD packets. Uploading files by our software is modern, easy, convenient, quick, and respectable way for your customers. Also, Remote Files SE can give your clients an ability to fix errors in time by uploading new files, informing you (if configured) that your client is going to change something. This helps your clients feel safe, eliminates their risks, lets you respond on-the-fly to any changes in order and gives your business an edge over your competitors.
2. FTP software
Remote Files SE differs from any FTP software in the presence of easy to use online interface, more abilities and no necessity of special client software to communicate with the server. Files under Remote Files SE control are available from any computer with online browser what means from any computer in the world.
If some of your employees or clients prefer to work with FTP, Remote Files SE has embedded FTP server.
3. Web applications
You could use web server software and huge number of scripts to repeat Remote Files SE functionality. But there is one important difference. Web server software was originally developed to give unified access to any document on the server to anyone. Scripts and directives must be created to block unauthorized access. Remote Files SE, quite the contrary, provides account dependent access to authorized people only. User rights can vary from full access to no access (directory listing only). Developing the same functionality by professional programmers costs much more than $299 for Remote Files SE. Moreover, due to ability to change web interface of Remote Files SE to correspond to your site interface, there is no reason to create remote access to your server files yourself, rather than use this software.

Remote Files Server Edition: main features

Provides direct secure access to folders and files on a server where it is running
Remote user needs only web browser for all operations
Files are transferred by secure HTTPS (or non secure HTTP, if configured) connection after authentication
No intermediate servers required. During session you communicate directly with your server
You can get folder with all contents as zip archive by one click
Supports simultaneous access of several users
Administrator can manage user accounts and the program configuration remotely by the web interface
Provides online registration form for new users

How to buy Remote Files SE:


Purchasing Remote Files SE entitles you to get all future releases (including major versions) for free.
Also, you can receive unlimited technical support via email for free. Once you have entered your serial number, three things will happen:
You will be able to download/upload and copy/paste files remotely from web browser window.
You will be able to administrate server remotely by secure web interface.
Registration reminder message will no longer appear when starting program and on directory listing pages.


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Remote Files SE: version info

Release date:
April 25, 14
File size:
4.2 MB
Supported platforms:
Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista, 2008 Server, Windows 7

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