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3.0.2 OpenSSL library files updated.

3.0.1 Minor fixes.

3.0.0 Main change - absolute paths on remote PC became hidden from online user. Plus some minor changes and optimizations.

2.6.7 Minor changes.

2.6.6 Minor changes.

2.6.5 Added option for some user accounts to create new accounts.

2.6.4 Minor fixes.

2.6.3 Added file size limits.

2.6.2 Updated to fix Google Chrome Issue Error 349 (net::ERR_RESPONSE_HEADERS_MULTIPLE_CONTENT_DISPOSITION)

2.6.1 Minor changes.

2.6.0 New version.

2.5.2 Minor changes.

2.5.1 Fixed bug when service sometimes crashed when there is no internet connection.

2.5.0 Added captcha test at login (optional). Fixed some known issues.

2.4.8 Improoved zip/unzip algorithms. Added upload manager, a small utility to upload files and folders to Remote Files SE sever. Files/folders can be selected from menu, or dragged and dropped from Explorer. It does not require installation and can run from any drive (for example, from flash).

2.4.7 Minor changes.

2.4.6 Minor changes.

2.4.5 Modified ‘Access permissions’ and ‘Hidden files’ filters. Now they support constructions like \folder_name\* to control access to all files and folders in folder_name subfolder.

2.4.4 Added ‘Hidden files…’ command to shared folder context menu in “Create new/ Modify user account” windows. It allows hiding some files that match configurable filter from directory listing.

2.4.3 Minor changes.

2.4.2 Minor changes.

2.4.1 If there is only one shared folder, then server auto opens it after user login.

2.4.0 Added upload from online http or ftp server. Added context menu to directory listing (web interface). Administrator can choose between powerful or simplified web interface for every user. More...

2.3.11 Minor changes.

2.3.10 Minor changes.

2.3.9 Minor changes.

2.3.8 Added support of external SMTP servers in e-mail notifications

2.3.7 Fixed error when close interface window without stopping server.

2.3.6 Added option to view some kinds of files in browser window rather then to download them. This option is available through file options page (link ‘More...’).

2.3.5 Added chat feature. Now Administator and authorized user can send messages to each other in real time.

2.3.4 Minor changes.

2.3.3 Minor changes in FTP.

2.3.2 Fixed error with file creation time in FTP.

2.3.1 Minor changes.

2.3 New version. Added FTP server and update utility.

2.2.6 Minor changes.

2.2.5 Added the file filter that, together with ‘enable download’ option, controls access to remote files. It has two options: the program can block access to files that match masks, all others are permitted (first option), or the program can allow access to files that match masks only, all others are blocked (second option).

2.2.4 Added a checkbox ‘enable download’ in the user account properties. By default, this option is enabled. If it is disabled, all download operations are blocked (both direct and indirect (zip and download, virtual archive) downloads).

2.2.3 Minor changes.

2.2.2 Added new commands to backup and restore configuration

2.2.1 Added support of HTTP connections. Now the program can work in two modes: HTTP or HTTPS (default). Added user guide.

2.2.0 Optimization for Vista and 2008 Server.

2.1.7 Changes in autorun.

2.1.6 Minor changes.

2.1.5 Added watchdog timer. Now if server stops accepting incoming connections by any reason, it will be “gently" restarted. All active sessions will be kept, so end users even may not suspect a problem.
Added “Restart PC”, “Hibernate PC ” and “Shut Down PC” commands to the main menu of the remote administrator.

2.1.4 Minor changes.

2.1.3 Added download/upload progress to “View users online” page (remote administration).

2.1.2 Fixed a bug in IP filter.

2.1.1 Added a new feature in remote administration. Administrator can view a list of users that are online now and what they are doing (browsing folder, downloading\uploading files).

2.1.0 Added remote administration feature.

2.0.4 Fixed a bug in showlog.exe application that could result in loss of configuration and user accounts.

2.0.3 Added support of third-party server certificate. In the program configuration Administrator can choose what certificate (auto generated or third-party one) will be used to establish HTTPS connection.
Added an ability to change ‘From’ field in notification emails from default value to an email of your company.

2.0.2 Added the virtual archive feature. Virtual archive helps to combine different files/folders in one zip archive. Files and/or folders can be added to a virtual archive through their options page (link ‘More...’). You may add/delete items in a virtual archive. To make an archive not virtual and to download it user should click ‘Close archive’ button.

2.0.1 Added an optional ‘Agreement’ web page that is shown before login window and displays any user-defined text message.
A new option to keep full file path in zip archives. When this option is not checked, the program saves archives with relative path.

2.0.0 New version


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