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Remote Files Server Edition gives a modern, easy, secure, convenient, quick, and respectable way to provide 24/7 access to remote files for your employees, sales persons, administrators and clients. It can give your business an edge over your competitors. Here you can read about some advantages of using Remote Files Server Edition.


Purchasing Remote Files SE entitles you to get all future releases (including major versions) for free.

In addition , you can receive unlimited technical support via email for free. Once you have entered your serial number, three things will happen:

You will be able to download/upload and copy/paste files remotely from web browser window.
You will be able to administrate server remotely by secure web interface.
Registration reminder message will no longer appear when starting program and on directory listing pages.

Single license costs $299 and is the best choice for company or small office/home office.

Exclusive offer for registered users of Remote Files Server Edition! Now you can get special upload utility for free!

Note! You will be redirected to Share-it site to place your order. Share-it is a leading an e-commerce provider that processes orders for various companies. Your purchase will be no risk. When your payment is completed, you will immediately get your serial number to register the product.

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