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Exclusive offer for registered users of Remote Files Server Edition! Now you can get special upload utility for free! See the bottom of this page for details.

Remote Files SE supports upload files and folders by secure web interface. It has many options (unzip after upload, overwrite or duplicate files, etc…) but may become a little inconvenient if you have to upload your files several times a day. For such users SMRKsoft has developed a special utility, called upload manager that can greatly simplify such everyday tasks.


Upload manager is a small application that can upload files or folders to your account on Remote Files SE server. Files and folders can be selected from menu or dragged and dropped from Explorer. Upload manager does not require installation, so you can keep it on your computer and/or flash drive. It has an option to store account information in the folder where it is located, so you don’t need to enter username and password each time. Due to its small size, it can be started once at beginning of work and kept running all the day, ready for upload. Even more, you don’t have to add files to upload manager one by one. Just drop them all and continue your work – all the rest upload manager will do itself.

Demo version of upload manager is automatically installed with Remote Files SE 2.4.8 or later. Or you can download it from our site.

If you are a registered user of Remote Files Server Edition, you can get full version of this upload manager for free. There is no matter when you purchased RFSE: right now or several years ago – this bonus is for you. Even more, you can distribute it for free within users that have accounts in Remote Files SE. Of course, this software cost us something, but we will give it now for free..

To get it, just send a free-form email to support@smrksoft.com, providing us with your registered name or serial number. And in reasonable time we will reply you with your link to full version of upload manager.

Note. To work properly, upload manager needs Remote Files SE 4.2.8 or later. Version number of installed program can be found in the title of the administration module.

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