April, 2009

Access Files Securely, Affordably with just a Web Browser

SMRKsoft has released Remote Files Server 2.3, a powerful file server for Windows that provides unlimited simultaneous access to shared files from any computer on the LAN, or from the Internet. Remote Files Server allows an unlimited number of simultaneous connections, even on non-server versions of Windows. And it costs a tiny fraction of the price of a Windows operating system with server capabilities. Remote Files Server provides fast, easy, and secure access, for $60(US) for a single-PC license.

You can download and upload files remotely using HTTP or HTTPS. All of the work is done using an intuitive web interface. There's no need to spend time or money training people to access data from your file server. With Remote Files Server, users can log in, transfer files remotely by a single click, and log out. Remote Files Server can optionally provide FTP access to files.

One installed copy of Remote Files Server will serve an unlimited number of user accounts, with individually configurable rights. These rights can vary from full access, to download, upload, delete, and copy files, to just viewing the directory listing. Employees, salespeople, clients, and other groups of people can have their own access rights defined by the system administrator.

Remote File Server's web interface is based on editable HTML templates. This structure simplifies the program's integration into the company's online service, with one computer working as a general web server, and another computer running Remote Files Server and providing specific file access to existing clients. Remote Files Server also makes it easy to automatically create a new user account online, using the sample script that is included in the installation. This allows users to embed Remote Files Server as the final step in their company's online order process, giving access to special files or folders on the server, and to upload files for later processing.

Remote Files Server is easy to administer. The network administrator can create a user account and configure its rights in a single window. The software has an embedded test that checks that the server is accessible. No special skills are needed to administer Remote Files Server. The electronic User's Guide provides detailed answers to questions about settings. Remote Files Server's optional remote administration feature lets network administrators configure the software from any Internet-connected computer.

Whether you're a network administrator who needs a quick and efficient way to manage your file server, or a business owner who needs to implement a powerful file server without spending a fortune on operating system server software, Remote Files Server has the tools that you need.

Remote Files Server 2.3 runs on Windows Server 2003 and 2008, as well as Vista, XP, and 2000. A single-PC license is available for $60(US), and lifetime upgrades are available without charge. You can download a free trial version of Remote Files Server from http://www.smrksoft.com/.

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