November, 2006


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SMRKsoft announces a new release of My Remote Files – a personal HTTPS file server.

My Remote Files is a secure personal file server. Until it released, there was no software that provided access to files on a remote PC from a web browser window. The program offers all means for managing files from any remote PC using secure connection. Due to rejection of other features of remote control, unnecessary in usual work, it becomes possible to perform all actions from a web browser. That is from Internet café, airport, station, other’s computer, from any PC that has access to the Internet. My Remote Files has no bandwidth limit, so it supports ADSL, Wi-Fi or even dial-up connections. During each session, user communicates directly with one’s computer without any additional intermediate servers.

My Remote Files is easy to use. After authorization user can make all usual actions with remote files: download, upload, and delete files, create folders and run full-text search. All operations are performed from well-looked web shell. One of the useful features is a possibility to transmit files and folders (with all content) as zip archives , thereby reducing total traffic. This software also has self tests that simplify configuring it.

My Remote Files may be used not only for personal purposes. Thus, it is feasible to organize secure file server with different rights, or an online file archive. The program supports unlimited number of user accounts, each of which can have access to individual resources. Server administrator can allow/deny some kinds of file operations. This software may help to transfer files between computers when using email is impossible or inconvenient.

My Remote Files can become an addition to professional tools. As stated in WXPNews newsletter, while free remote control access software can be found on the Internet, they usually lack file transfer capabilities and the pro versions with file transfer can cost user the price of this software each month. Combining free versions of remote control software with My Remote Files provides a very inexpensive, but complete remote computing solution with no monthly fees.

SMRKsoft provides a very valuable offering for its customers. One license can be used, if desired, on all computers that a customer works with. Thus, one can install My Remote Files on home and office computers and run different copies under one license.

System requirements:

My Remote Files runs under Windows ME, 2000, XP and requires 4 MB of disk space.

Price and Availability:

My Remote Files is priced at $19 (US) and is available now. An evaluation copy may be downloaded from SMRKsoft 's web site at For more information, contact SMRKsoft:

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Evaluation Copy Available on Request

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