May, 2007

Access Your Computer Files Directly and Securely from Any Location using Your Favorite Browser

SMRKsoft has released My Remote Files v. 1.4, an affordable Windows application that gives you easy, secure, and quick access to your files from any location, using an ordinary web browser. With it, there's no need to purchase, install, or learn to use complicated software to access your files, change their names, compress them into Zip archives, or send them securely anywhere on the Internet. Now you can manage your files without an FTP server or FTP software, from anywhere in the world.

Whether you're on a local sales call or a business trip across the world, you can retrieve files from your office computer using your favorite web browser and My Remote Files. You don't have to worry about the complexity of FTP transfers, the lack of security of email, or the arbitrary 4 Gb file limitation that affects other software. It's easy to grab the files you need, whether you're using your laptop in your client's office, or working from your hotel room. Simply use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or any Windows web browser, and use My Remote Files' secure (HTTPS) connection to retrieve your files.

My Remote Files can compress your files into a Zip archive, for additional speed. The program has none of the arbitrary file-size constraints that make it so difficult to transfer large files across the Internet. Since you're dealing directly with your remote computer, there are no surprises from third-party software or server limitations. Using this software, you control all of the file transfers directly.

Your file transfers are safe and secure. With My Remote Files, you communicate directly with your remote computer, with no intermediate servers involved. The program easily handles multiple simultaneous users, quickly, affordably, and securely.

My Remote Files solves data transmission bottlenecks that have caused problems with ordinary Internet file transfers. It's simple to set up an online file archive that can be accessed securely by your project team. The program can be used to create a secure upload file server, with no need to set up a traditional server of any kind.

Whether you're a sales person who wants to ensure that you can retrieve files from your office computer when you're away from the office, a business person who wants to grant secure file access to key employees without burdening them with complicated and expensive software, or a project manager who needs a simple way of creating a central archive of documents that can be accessed easily by the entire team, My Remote Files has the tools that you need.

The program runs under Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista, costs $25(US) for a license that covers up to 20 accounts (or $35 for a license that covers more than 20 accounts), and may be purchased securely online at You can download a free trial version from the same address. For more information, contact SMRKsoft on the Internet at or send an email to

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