May, 2006


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Provide direct remote access to your PC folders and files from any web browser with My Remote Files program.

SMRKsoft announces the release of My Remote Files, a program that provides direct remote access to your PC folders and files from any web browser.

Just imagine: you are far away from your home or office computer. You think that you have copied in advance all of the necessary files to your notebook. And at some instant there is a situation when you require a document that you’ve forgotten or didn’t plan to copy. Or you want to transmit big file(s) from your machine to your partner and e-mail is not convenient. In this situation My Remote Files program can help you.

My Remote Files can help you any time you need access to your remote files. You can retrieve them from any web browser (IE, Firefox, Opera). The computer with My Remote Files running is visible as web site. Because you don’t have to install additional programs, you can login from any remote PC that has an Internet connection (it may be located in Internet café, hotel, office and so on). It is possible to transmit files and folders (with all content) as zip archives, thereby reducing outgoing traffic.

My Remote Files supports an unlimited number of configurable user accounts. For every user you can define available resources (folders, disks), allow/prohibit upload, simultaneous connections and so on. The program keeps a detailed log of every user 's activities, and can notify you about authorized logins by message on a local computer or by e-mail.

Data between the program and web browser is transmitted by secure (https) connection. During each session , you communicate directly with your computer. No other servers are required. Also for security reasons My Remote Files has an optional IP address filter that can permit/block connections depending on user IP address.

System requirements:

My Remote Files will run under Windows ME, 2000, XP. It requires 4 MB of disk space.

Price and Availability:

My Remote Files is priced at $15 (US) and is available now. An evaluation copy may be downloaded from SMRKsoft's web site at For more information, contact SMRKsoft:

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Evaluation Copy Available on Request

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